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Maine Twist® is a specialty knitting yarn made in midcoast Maine from Maine grown fleeces. It is hand-crafted in small batches using locally grown fibers to provide you with exquisite yarns for your very special projects. The mill owner/operator, Nancy, spends many hours developing and creating each new combination of fibers for a run of yarn. A life long knitter, Nancy creates yarn that she would like to use and her favorite projects are soft lacey shawls, scarves and stoles.

Her goal for Maine Twist® is to help support local fiber farmers who produce fine quality fleeces from a variety of species of livestock. She purchases the best alpaca, llama, sheep's wool and mohair that are available in the region for use in the yarns made in her mill, NEWAIM Fiber Mill. Wool from Nancy's own sheep will often be in the yarn, too!

Each run of yarn is unique. Maine Twist® is created 5 to 10 pounds at a time, making beautiful, soft and lustrous yarns for use in your next project. Nancy can make another run of yarn which will be similar to a previous run, but not exactly the same.

Often, Maine Twist® will contain a luxury fiber, such as, silk, or bamboo to make a truly distinctive yarn. Yarns specifically created for socks will contain a small amount of nylon to give your socks longevity. The fiber content of each skein is listed on the label.

Nancy is also shepherdess of a small flock of Romeldale - CVM, a critically rare breed of sheep. They are a true American breed created over a century ago by crossing Rambouillet and New Zealand Marsh Romney sheep. The breed is hardy and they are pleasant sheep to keep. Each grows a wonderfully soft, long and crimpy fleece in a variety of natural colors. The fleece is favored by fiber artists for its crimp, fineness and ease of dyeing. It is very soft and suitable to wear close to the skin.

To learn more about Nancy and her husband Al's farm visit www.newaim.com

For more information about the milling process see www.newaimfibermill.com

To learn more about CVM Romeldale Sheep visit www.nationalcvmconservancy.org